Keep it Simple

In my life, I have always tried to be great at what I do. I have tried to be a great son, husband, father, and professional. Many times I have succeeded and others, I could have done better. The journey to giving the best of me is fun and rewarding, while at times being stressful […]

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The Many Roads to Great Results

The world we live in today demands more of us. Technology has expanded the reach and increased the pace of communication. The time to deliver solutions has shortened, the room for error has diminished, and complexity has increased. These requirements impact the way we manage our workload, the way we approach a problem, and the […]

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Three Lessons on Change Learned in The Marine Corps Boot Camp

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about change, as probably most of you have. Because of the state of the economy, politics and technology around the world, you probably have had to do things differently both at work and home, and this has not been easy. Your ability to respond to change has become an important skill to master. With so many theories […]

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